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I have alot of catching up to do on here. Been too busy to fill in the last couple of weeks. So, what have I got to say. WELL! I hit the Toronto Comicon with [livejournal.com profile] pers previous to last weekend.

We were happy go lucky volunteers. See? (Note my awesome Communist Party t-shirt that all feared to comment on b/c they had to stare at my breasts to see the picture!

We helped Paradise Comics set up their booth and then sorta did alot of running around and admission and guarding the boring Green Room. I blew more money than I should have well before the show had even begun! I did get a splash of absolutely exquisite Wonder Woman issues from the first series including this gem. It was from the same guy as last year. We talked about silver age WW for a bit and later, when I was talking to his buddy, who had the next table over, the guy told me that he'd been told that my knowledge has improved a great deal in the last year. Now what the fuck does that mean? I think it was supposed to be a compliment maybe but I am not sure.

I'm happy to report that I conquered my fear of Dave Sim. I begged [livejournal.com profile] pers to accompany me, and I went up to his table, stood in line and got progressively more nervous and finally spoke to him, thanking him for the sketch that [livejournal.com profile] jcoville went up and got for me last year b/c I was too chickenshit to do it myself. He was actually really really nice. He remembered the incident and said that he had almost made Jamie take him to me so he could say hi. :O I probably would have died honestly. I ended up being too busy with my volunteering to actually get any sketches this year. That kinda sucked but oh well, there's always San Diego in July :D

It's probably just as well that I didn't make it back on Sunday b/c the $2 tables woulda been my death! As it was, I blew around $80 there in about 15 mins on Friday.

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