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Suburban Mayhem
The Banquet
London to Brighton
The Italian
Jade Warrior
Summer '04

I might also hit a few midnight madnesses if circumstances allow. For those of you who expressed interest in seeing The Banquet, you can buy your tickets online tomorrow. Look at Advanced Tickets here.
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Douches Froides
So, in french Douches Froides means 'cold shower' and hot damn! I felt like I needed one after certain scenes in this movie. There's this guy who is heavily into judo, and he has a really hot girlfriend. So then there's this other guy from a wealthy family who wants to practise judo with him. Some girl swapping starts to occur, mix in some jealously and exclusion and some reaaally hot wrestling and sex scenes and you have a very good movie. voila!

Shanghai Dreams
I barely remember anything about this movie (since I am reviewing to now one year later). I remember a chinese girl and her friends and talk of moving to Shanghai. Now this is set 1960 communist China when the government was encouraging people to move out into the countrysides and it was near impossible to move into the big cities. The main character Qinghong is torn by her father's strong desires to move to the big cities at whatever cost, and staying where her familiar things are (such as her friends and her first love). I remember this movie being okay.. a bit slow for my tastes though.


The most boring movie that I have ever attempted to watch in my life. I tried to give it a chance, honest. I don't even remember what intrigued us enough about the description to make us go see it. The movie follows this guy around, he eats something, then takes a bath, walks around his apartment a bit. More of this and that. I think we sat through about 15-20 minutes of it and just got up and left. And we weren't the only ones. [livejournal.com profile] atomicfern was there too and he also left. Streams of people did! Oh my god, avoid at all costs unless you are trying to get rid of a date. Sit them through this and they were never call you again!


Midnight Madness flick. An irish farmer accepts money from some bio company to use his farm to do some of their genetics experiments. I think when the vet was arm-deep in the pregnant cow's girl parts and something bit her, we knew we were in for trouble! The genetic experiments go horribly wrong and the farmer and some vagrants who were camping on his land have to deal with something horrible. Eee so gross!

These Girls
I got to see Angel's naked bottom so I was happy! :D David Boreanaz plays Keith, this married man with a child and a pot growing operation in his backyard. Glory babysits for him, and her friends Keira and Lisa discover and she also babysits his cock!! So they end up blackmailing him with this fact and all get in his pants. It was so hilarious! A must see!! Did I mention David Boreanaz's naked bottom? Tehee

Seven Virgins
Hmm. I remember this one being good too. This guy has been let out of prison for several days to attend his brother's wedding. He gets together with his buddy and gets up to no good. I can't remember much else I'm afraid. I don't remember there being any virigins, let alone 7 of them in this movie.

One Last Thing
Dylan is a boy dying of cancer. He is given an opportunity to make a request on live TV and he asks to spend a day with a supermodel whose posters he has plastered all over his room. This movie was amazing. It was so funny and touching and heartbreaking at the same time. It was a very intelligent handling of terminal illness in young people. I was very impressed with it. The actor who played Dylan (who also plays Will Stronghold in Sky High) as well as the actor who played his best friend were at the screening so it was really cool to see them talk about being in it as well.


Kungfu movie. Goooorgeous flight scenes, kinda neat romance.. I loved this movie. There was one fight scene where one character spent most of the fight in the shadows while the other one was in the light.. while it was raining. Neat! I think I love it when fight scenes are between a guy and a girl character where there's a romantic tension. Adds something to the flavour.

The Notorious Bettie Page
This has seen been in theatres and on DVD since I saw it at the film fest. I really liked the actress that they used to portray Bettie. Her life story is neat. I love the naivety that she has through alot of her life (except for in some points where it got her in trouble :( ). I have yet to hear if she has seen the movie herself and what she thinks of it. The director was there, and at the time, Bettie had not seen it, they didn't actually have her endorsement in making this movie.

The Great Yokai War
Ok, this movie was Jim Henson muppets on some serious crack! Takashi Miike spins together this craaaazy story about this kid who gets drawn into some weird shit with yokai, japanese demons from myth. He has been christened the 'Kirin rider' and has to help the yokai fight the evil spirit Yomotsumono who is turning all the yokai into evil spirits to help him devour humanity! I found this movie a bit chaotic but fun! The evil guy had this really hot yokai named Agi who is played by Chiaki Kuriyama (psycho school girl from Kill Bill). She actually influenced the hair on my halloween costume this year.


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