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Happy Pi Day!!!

On this day, groups of people, such as maths or science based clubs, might gather to consider the role that the number π has played in their lives and to imagine the world without π. Me, I can't imagine a world without π or pie!! I love circles so much! Especially flaky pastry encrusted circles! Especially circles with fruity fillings! *drool* Also, without circles, we would not have boobies or cute bums or Hostess chocolate cupcakes that taste just right after sitting in the freezer for a few hours!
We also wouldn't have sexy math equations. I dunno about you, but I get excited when I see sexy math equations! So take some time out today and appreciate π however you see fit!

Spa Day
Oh my god, Spa Day yesterday with the Missa Panties was just incredible!

(this is a substitute for lack of spa pics, i forgot my camera, damn!)

We got massages. After, I was told that I need to take baths with epsom salts, drink more water and get a massage at least once a month to relieve my stress (you don't see me resisting! heh). Lunch in our robes after that! It was funny looking around a restaurant and seeing a bunch of chicks in their robes eating truffle soup and drinking red wine in a fancy looking restaurant. A few hours lounging in the hot tub and steam room and unsuccessfully attempting to get in the pool (next time pool first, hot things after) were the perfect way to prepare ourselves for the decadent chocolate-magma-die-with-a-smile-on-your face dessert that we had at Milestones after with Peter.

I got DC New Frontier #1 back from him!! Damn I am so excited to finally read this!! I'm just finishing up some old Alan Moore Swamp Thing first! Alsooo, I found this interesting article about Hinduism in Comics. It's kinda old (1990) but still a neat read if you read comics.


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