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I've recently become obsessed with All-Star Western, a comic book title produced by DC Comics in 1970 that ran 71 issues.

The first 11 issues ran with this title. They contain a mixture of new stories and reprints of very old ones by the likes of Carmen Infantino, Neal Adams, Gil Kane, Joe Kubert, Frank Frazetta and Nick Cardy. The first few had new covers by Neal Adams and then Tony DeZuniga (who I didn't realize had such lovely pencils!)

The series was renamed Weird Western Tales at issue 12. Some things of note:

#10 = Jonah Hex's first appearance (drawn by DeZuniga)
#12-13 = new Neal Adams work
#14 = Alex Thoth story
#17- 38 = mostly Jonah Hex stories
#39 = 1st Scalphunter and the title remained mostly about him til the end of the series.
#48 = 1st Cinnamon appearance.
#60 = Scalphunter story entitled "The Gangs of Old New York" (curious if it shares any materials with the movie Gangs of New York).

I'll probably stick with just finding issues 1-15
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Yesterday I had [livejournal.com profile] pers, [livejournal.com profile] tailchaser and Dave F over for the first Doctor Who night in forever. We had left the last 2 episodes of the season plus the Christmas special. [livejournal.com profile] pers pulled up in her bright yellow car and parked in the driveway in front of the stairs. I think all these girls hanging out on my porch attracted some attention from all the neighbours! I was absolutely delighted when Joe from next door came out onto the porch. He fell into a coma several months ago and only recently came out of it and is back home, although still working through some of the problems it created for him. It's weird that I've only known him and his family for a short time, but when I learned he'd gone in the hospital, it had affected me as if he was my own dad. I hope that he's able to switch back to normal food again soon and that I'll see him sitting on the porch more in the spring. [livejournal.com profile] pers and I walked up the block to a roti place and I was amazed at how vibrant my neighbourhood is. There were so many people sitting on their porches or kids running around playing. Some people even said hello as we walked by! I bet halloween is going to be awesome on my street! Though I'll probably have to fix that extra tall front step. heh.


Dec. 6th, 2011 12:53 am
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As of right now, I am on vacation until the new year. HR forced it on me since I didn't use up enough of it over the year. Even with that I'm transferring 5 days + 6 banked hours to next year.

So what am I going to do with all this free time you ask? Assemble furniture. :) I found the right bed for me last week, but they want $125 to deliver it, and another $125 to assemble it. Utter madness. I caved on the delivery but I'm going to attempt to put it together myself. The sales guy said it is a very complicated bed to put together; said something about Einstein equations. I told him I have a physics degree and that perhaps it will finally be of use. ;)

I am also going to read some books. This year I have been participating in the 2011 Reading Challenge on Goodreads.com. I picked 50 books as my challenge. I got screwed over because I started reading the Mars books by Kim Stanley Robinson. They are enthralling but looong books and practically took a month each to get through. I am currently at 38 out of 50 books, 76%. I've got 25 days left. Eek! Presently I am reading The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern. [livejournal.com profile] pers recommended it to me, and I stumbled upon it today while returning some books to the library. I'm 30 pages in and really enjoying it. There is magic, and I am letting visions of The Prestige mingle with it in my head even though I am not sure that that is the mood this book is heading towards.

Sooo the house is coming along pretty good now. The roofers are finally done all their work, and I hope to god that all this leaking business is done once and for all. I chose a solution wherein they reshaped the part of the roof where this leak has been happening so that there is no longer a depression for water to gather in. So, modern wiring, check! sound roof check. Maybe now it's safe to have paper things in there. Well, next test will be to take a bath and make sure the plumbing doesn't leak. Speaking of which, I am trying to understand the logistics of shower curtains. What's with the 2 sheet thing? Does everyone do that? Do you do one plastic and one cloth one? Or just one plastic? It is crazy to realize just how little I know about practical things. Like shower curtains. (A month ago it was dead bolts, and before that taking window panes out and putting them back in. Next week it'll be tackling the self-cleaning oven. Stay tuned)


Dec. 5th, 2011 11:11 pm
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ROSA from Jesús Orellana on Vimeo.

I wish I could create something so stunning in a year. What a talented guy.

Job stuff

Nov. 22nd, 2011 04:09 pm
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Yesterday morning we interviewed someone for a position that is opening up. My boss invited me to participate and ask questions that would show how they'd fit in as far as their database skills go. At the end of the first interview, my boss nicknamed me "the Knife". If you say you've done databases, I didn't think those questions would be terribly difficult! I had 3 questions. My first question was, tell me about a project you have worked on that involved databases, and describe to me some of the challenges you faced. I was surprised at how vague all the candidates responses work. Nobody actually said gave specifics. The second one, was to describe the differences and uses of LEFT, RIGHT and INNER JOIN. That one made people flustered but it was a fun question! One girl got as far as making the motions of tables on the left and nulls and I could just tell she sorta knew but couldn't remember on the spot. I was happy that she was just trying to answer it at least, unlike some of the other applicants. Should be interesting to see who gets picked!
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I've always got paper near my keyboard to write out ideas and brainstorm things on. Often, they end up like this:

I've been feeling a bit of a renaissance at work the last few days. I'm working on a conversion of an old Coldfusion system to PHP and I'm having so much fun with it. I love trying to make sense of the differences between languages. Except when date/time functions are involved. Bastardly things.

I've requested Wednesday and Thursday off so I can do house stuff. Perhaps I'll find the right bed for me on Thursday! I painted my bedroom green. I hope that was not a mistake. *crosses fingers*
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This week I started rebuilding my comic book list. I lost it when I lost my phone. Yes, I am that stupid that I only had it on my phone. I think I would like to write an app for it so that I can have it synching between my computer and my phone, going both ways since I am constantly updating it while I'm at a convention or other.
So my list is present update from A to H, and from M to Z for DC Comics. I got bored and started from the end of the alphabet. :) It amazes me to see how amazing some many of those artists are.
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We remember and thank you.

Nov 11.
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As of yesterday, I've worked at the same place for 10 yrs! What utter craziness!
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I was in Las Vegas this weekend for a friend's pre-wedding celebrations. Vegas is not a city I've had any desire to visit. As far as I could tell, it's just gambling and shopping for expensive label brands. Not really my thing but I was still excited to go with my friends!
I'd just finished reading How to Make Peace in the Middle East in Six Months or Less: Without Leaving Your Apartment by Gregory Levey and needed a new book for my trip so I grabbed Yellow Dirt: An American Story of a Poisoned Land and a People Betrayed by Judy Pasternak. It seemed like a good coupling since it is about how the uranium mining for atomic bombs affected the health and well-being of the Navajo whose land it occurred on.

So Las Vegas itself! Palazzo is the hotel that I stayed at. It is adjoined to the Venetian.

First thing we did was hit the Gun Store. I've never shot a gun before, or even held a real one for that matter. We did the ladies' package. Shot 10 rounds in a Gloc 17 and another 10 on an AK-47. The guy who took us onto the range was very nice and patient, showing each of us how to hold the gun. We got to pick our targets so I picked the zombie Nazi. I was a bit afraid of getting hit in the face by a bullet shell but it seemed nothing to worry about!:)

We had lunch at the Eiffel Tower restaurant in Paris hotel. You could see a lovely view of the Bellagio fountains across the way and mountains. It always felt so nifty to see mountains in the distance anytime we were high up. The food was really good and we had an awesome waiter!! He invited us to crash his halloween party on Sunday night! LOL.

We took the opportunity to wander around that area of the strip. One thing that I found really kind of freaky was how there's been rows of people handing out flyers or little trading card like adverts for hookers or escorts or sex shows. After passing a couple, I noticed how they'd make a flick noise as they ran their hands over their stack of flyers, read to hand one out to passer-bys. At one point we walked past a bunch of them, a good 8 or 10 guys/girls, all flicking their flyers almost in unison, and shifting their balances back and forth from foot to foot, not saying a word. It was really eerie!!

That evening we saw Ka, the Cirque Du Soleil that is permanantly at MGM Grand. Tried to go to Spearmint Rhino afterwards, but apparently, girls minus boys are not welcome. How disappointing! They really need to add "Have a dick" to their FAQ's "What do I need to enter?" answer. I have not encountered this in Toronto but then again, I've never tried to go with a group of just girls.

We tried to go indoor skydiving but when we arrived, there was a sign on the door that said "Closed for repairs". :| The cab driver had already driven off by the time we saw this, so we started walking back to the main strip. It was kind of surprising how opulent the main strip is, and then just a short distance away, you've got much much less glitzy settings. We went into this place called Ross dress for less which appeared to be much like a Winners, but with way cheaper prices. I got a really cute coat for $17.

Saturday we decided to go check out the rides at the Stratosphere hotel. We tried Insanity, wherein you are strapped to a chair with about 10 people in a circle facing each other, then the whole contraption moved out off the edge of the building, about 900 feet in the area, and it spins and then tilts you about 70% so you're practically staring down at the ground. Then we tried Big Shot, a ride where you are strapped into a chair in a circle facing outwards with your back to a thick pole, and then you are abruptly propelled 160 feet into the other, add that to the 900 feet that you're already at. This was the first time that I'd been on a ride in about 10 years. I did not puke.

Halloween partying in Vegas was fun, as much as I missed my friends back home since this is our christmas! I wore my Alice in Wonderland costume again, minus the blonde wig. I do not make a good blonde. We got to check out the club at MGM Grand called Tabu. It was kind of small, and they wasted so much potential dancefloor space on stupid "reserved" lounge couches with shallow tables that chicks ended up dancing on top of anyways. But I
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krispy kreme burger attained!

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Months later, and I am still not moved in! But i can feel it getting closer.
I knew that it was going to require some work. A new roof was going to be necessary within the next year, and the knob and tube wiring was going to need to be removed asap.
After a couple of rain storms in the spring, I ended up having to get the roof done right away! I hired a team that my sister and my parents neighbour had used. They were quick and efficient and taa daa, new roof!

I hired my parent's neighbour's dad to do the wiring. He's really good though it's been progressing slowly because there's a lot to do and he has a regular day job. My dad, [livejournal.com profile] cirhosis and I ripped the ceilings out in the basement to make it easier for Lou to do his job. Destroying things was a lot of fun. We showed up there that day all prepared. We had crowbars and had packed a lunch of sandwiches, fruit, water and beer. I got everyone goggles and masks. I wore my platform boots to prevent getting nails in my foot, they're actually way handier than just for clubbing. So we got started and things went swimmingly! As we were ripping out the drywall, we were being careful not to catch on wires and things like that and boy was the ceiling busy with them, they were running all over the place! Some modern, some knob and tube, some of it working, some ending in random places sitting there unused. There were electrical boxes all over the place; years and years of different people applying their own bizarre works to the place. Same thing with the plumbing, it was like the hot water tank and heater were eggs in a nest of plumbing!! It was kinda cool seeing the ceramic knobs wedged in the joists. I kept a bunch of them, I'm going to see if I can use them for something crafty!

We took a break for lunch and sat on a brick ledge under the shade of the grape vines and ate our packed lunch. It was really nice! My neighbour who I share a driveway with came over and chatted with us. He's an old italian fellow named Joe and my house used to be his sister's a veeery long time ago. He's actually been telling us a lot about the history of the place as he's watched many people in and out of it.

So back to work, we got the rest down. While I planned pretty well for safety, I made a fatal mistake. I didn't get goggles that I could adjust to my face, and they kept sliding down my nose as I was working. Some time around now, something awesome fell from the roof into my eye. No amount of blinking or flushing it with water would get whatever it was out. I ended up keeping my eye closed and holding a damp paper towel over it for a while. It was really embarrassing because I met my neighbour's older son who asked what had happened. When I told him, he said I should leave this work to the men and go back to my regular job. I laughed and told him that my regular job is traditionally a men's job as well. We decided to call it a day when we had all the ceilings down and came back the next day to clean up the debris, which Lou carted off to the dump for us! This time, I brought a piece of waistband elastic and threaded it through the goggle's vents so that I can tighten the mask to my face :D Worked like a charm! (Though it didn't prevent a visit to emergency late that night when my eye's condition worsened from the day before *sigh*)

I've learned something from this experience, opening up walls/ceilings is just asking for trouble. You find the things that someone else probably went through much effort to hide from future owners; like cracked joists and the like. We found one of those and Lou offered to fix it on top of doing the wiring. This joist had a huuuuuge crack running through it and you could see that it was sagging some from its weakness. There was also chunks cut out of it where they'd run plumbing through it. There were some other joists with problems as well, several missing ones which in effect meant the walls above them were floating unsupported. He fixed/replaced a few of them. That really bad one, he ended up having to get a plumber to come and move some pipes around it. That ended up being awesome because he cleaned up some of the messy plumbing in the basement. To move that pipe, they were going to have to temporarily take out the toilet it led to on the first floor. However, the toilet was cemented to the floor and tiled around so they had to smash the thing out. Also had to cut into the wall in that bathroom to get at another pipe. All these definitely slowed things down further as Lou had to wait on his plumber's availability that pushed things a few weeks off.
So now finally, all the knob and tube is gone, all the outlets are replaced with modern ones, all the appropriate GFIs are installed in the kitchens and bathrooms and the cables for tv, phone and internet are in place!
He did have to make a bunch of holes in the first floor ceiling near the pot lights because he discovered some surprise knob and tube up there. He'd figured they would have been on modern wiring since they'd been a more recent addition but apparently that was not the case. So now I've got to get someone to fix the drywall in those spots. My dad could do it but since the ceiling is very visible, it's better to get a professional who will make it seamless. He's dealing withe the bathroom toilet though! Involves bringing the floor up to near the tile level, pouring some cement, adding new tiles around the pipe and putting the toilet back.

So the previous owners definitely went out of their way to make the place look really awesome by installing some exciting appliances but holy shit cutting corners for appearances!! Lou methodically went through the wiring of the washer/dryer, stove, fridge and dishwasher and in the process discovered some really awesome things. And by awesome, I mean not awesome. The fridge has a water/ice/crushed ice dispenser which is all oooo aaahhhh but there is no water line to the fridge to actually allow you to use this feature. booo hiss. The stove seemed fine although the fan appears to be blowing it's exhaust no where in particular. The washer/dryer, also did not have a pipe to outside so the dryer's exhaust is just blowing into the back of the closet. The dishwasher. Oh lord, this was the most ridiculous of all. It is in the very corner of the kitchen counter and against the wall. You can't get it out because the baseboard of that wall comes right up to it in front of it. So we had to take the baseboard out to pull the washer dryer out. So Lou dealt with all the wiring and went to push it back in and set it up to test it and we discover that they took (or never had?) the water hose. !!!!! Seriously? A trip to Lowes resulted in the acquisition of a hose for it, one for the fridge, a kit for the dryer thinger and a new toilet for the bathroom. Lou drilled a hole out the wall and set up the dryer's thinger. He is a jack of all trades apparently :)

Adventures in cleaning
So Lou was near finishing, just needed to wire all the tv/internet cables and do a few things to the 2nd floor. Last weekend I went over with a bunch of random cleaning supplies and tried to start cleaning the place a bit. I felt like a total retard since I really had no idea what cleaning products you used to clean what. I stood in the cleaning aisle at Shoppers utterly perplexed for about 15 minutes before I called my friend Carol to ask her what's what. So I got over there with some Mr Clean, some Fabreeze, Windex and made a very unfocussed effort. I had not bought any sponges, and at home I always see my mom using rags which I think she actually just cuts out of old towels or tshirts, which you obviously can't buy like that in a store. So I ended up using papertowel. It was all so overwhelming. I'd think "ok, i'll do the fridge first!" and I'd start pulling the pieces out, wanting to soak them in the sink, only to discover that neither of the sinks had stoppers. I remembered seeing one in the basement kitchen so I ran down there and got it. Brought it back upstairs and tried it only to discover it had no seal so water just emptied out anyway. So I gave up on the fridge. Tried to do the stove, but wasn't sure what cleaner to use on the glass top, gave up.

Radiators! Those things are a BITCH to clean and obviously no one has done so in a while. They all have boxes in front of them which I moved aside and used a combination of vacuum cleaner and a stick wrapped with paper towel to clean. This took forever and there are 6 radiators on the first floor. While doing this I was able to see where the floating floors end, hidden by the box and there are 2 layers of tiles underneath :| fuckers were too lazy to pull it all out, what a bunch of jerks when they redid the floors.

Windows! Woo, this shouldn't be so bad. Every single one of them was just filthy. I took some out and started cleaning in the tracks where the windows sit, everything was going well. Then i went to put a window back in. Holy shit, it would not go!! I was doing one of the front 2 windows that overlooks the porch. I fought with it all kinds and FINALLY forced it in. Then looked down where I had the last window leaning again the radiator and saw 2 of them. #$@#@# I had put the window into the wrong slot! *groan* So I tried to get it out again. It was not coming out. No way, I tried everything!! I climbed onto the radiator and even tried to use my foot to help, to no avail. I musta looked like a thief trying to break out of the house to anyone that saw. (And apparently the nice lady and her husband across the street did see, i learned today) As I was struggling, I saw my neighbours pulling into the driveway. I was desperate by this point. I didn't want to have to get my dad to drive all the way over to help me. So I swallowed my pride and went and asked them for help. I was so embarrassed, especially after the drywall incident. It took both guys and a screwdriver to get the window out. *sigh* I learned though, I won't make that mistake again, 3 windows :D

This weekend my parents and I went over while Lou was finishing off his work. My mom is an angel of knowing everything! She brought the correct things over for cleaning (ripped up towels, cleaners for the stove top etc) She showed me what was what and together we tackled the fridge and several windows while my dad trimmed some of the weeds overwhelming the garden. Some of the grapes have turned purple now too :)

The neighbours
The ones I share the driveway with are Italians. Joe and his wife and their son. They are very sweet and my dad gets along famously with Joe! They will yap and yap and yap whenever we're over there. Joe used to do windows, he also put in at least one of the layers of tiled floors in my house forever ago. I forget his wife's name and will have to find out again and add it here so I'll remember! Their tomato garden is way better off! They have sticks to make them grow up where mine are kind of running wild since I haven't been around enough to maintain them. (Or my dad hasn't rather, who are we kidding ;))
My other side neighbours are Tibetan. I've only met the grandmother, the little boy (who called me auntie, and i suspect plays on my porch sometimes coz i found a beheaded Spiderman figure there one day) and the little girl. They seem really nice!
Cross the street live Adele and Roberto. They are an older Italian couple. Very sweet! She invited me over for espresso last week which I had to decline due to my cleaning schedule. This weekend she invited me in again, gave me a door of her house and we shared bitters on her front porch. Roberto is a bit hard of hearing! They are all really sweet and will be fantastic practice for my italian, although they speak a different dialect than my family does.

The couch
One of my coworkers lent me some of his furniture while he's away for a year which is the awesomest thing ever! :) He is a smoker though, and the leather couch wrecks of smoke something fierce! I'm trying to do what I can to get the smell out. [livejournal.com profile] missuh and Carol have made some good suggestions and I've started trying them out. First I washed down the leather part with water and vinegar. I've taken the back and seat cushions off and sprinkled baking soda on the cloth part of the couch beneath. I took the leather casings off the pillows and tried to air the pillows outside while I was there. Looking into steam cleaning for those at a later point. I bought saddle soap from a tack shop and tried it on an arm of the couch. It kinda smelled better after, I'm going to try that some more and see what happens.
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I'm going to do a quick livejournal puke here. It's been a while.

* I bought a house!! Finally! Ohmigod I can't believe it's been about a year since the first visit I had with a mortgage broker to secure me a rate. You know that meant I meant business. When I started looking, I really didn't know what I wanted or where. I had some vague ideas and kept finding places that had some of the elements but had some glaring problems/quirks. A couple had no basement, which I'm honestly fine with. My overactive imagination would have had me fearful of walking past the dark door or staircase at night. Another had a gas fireplace as the single heating source for the entire house. Others had more knob and tube wiring than I would know what to do with. Yeah, it has been an interesting and frustrating process.

I finally found a place that I like in an area that I'm not completely familiar with but I'm excited to get to know. I have not lived without my family for some time now. I keep going through moments of excitement and moments of scary thinking about it.

* I'm excited about the potential in my new house. It's 3 bedrooms + an office, and I'm just one gal. So one bedroom will be mine. Another a guest room. That leaves the last bedroom and the office. The comics and dolls will definitely be incorporated into one. I want to create a hobby/stuff room. It will have my sewing machine, art supplies a desk for my computer when it's not on my lap etc. etc. I've amassed so many paint sets and markers and papers for all sorts of drawing and painting and I never do any of that at my parents. I know I'm making excuses but part of the reason is that there I am discouraged from leaving my projects lying around. My family are almost nazis about everything being clean and in order. Crafty projects cannot flourish when you're constantly having to pack them away, in fear that your Hoover-mother will mistakenly whisk them away into the garbage. I can understand that mentality, I don't want to keep a pigsty either, but I think one room where you keep the door closed all the time is forgivable! So yeah, that's my plan. Project room, I look forward to birthing you :)

* My niece is growing up, she'll be all of 3 years in June. She is a crazy brilliant little thing and we have quite the rapport. There will definitely be a guest room for her in my house :) Her new little brother is about 3 months old now. If you pretend to sneeze at him he smiles and his whole little face lights up, and that's when you fall in love with him.

* Work has been a lot more relaxed for since late winter. It's nice having a few more developers to share the work load. Though feeling a little less important as a result. I suppose you just learn to balance that :) One of our side project just keeps growing and growing in importance, and that is pretty damn exciting!!

* I've put a big curb on my shopping. I still lust away at dolls, art, clothes and stuff, but I haven't been as quick to drop the cash on stuff as soon as it gives me any positive encouragement to love it. This was my last doll purchase:

I'm still keeping up with my Women of DC Universe statues. Poison Ivy was my last one. Supergirl and Hawkgirl in the next 4 months. And I'm still in love with Monster High Dolls. At least they are cheap :)

One of the more recent artists that I've become enchanted with is Handiedan. She is a lady just so you know. I accidentally referred to her as "he" on an art community that she is probably on. How embarrassing. Her work is a mixture of pinup girl collage. Quite lovely. This is the piece that I decided was my favorite of hers to date:

And as far as Lip Service goes, I've bought a Wicked Winter coat, a Cybersniper top and mini-skirt (got the dress too but resold it coz it was not my bag), Das Bunker short sleeved shirt and Ghost Town jacket and miniskirt in the last year from them. A few local brands like Plastikwrap have been more tempting since they're close by. I've picked up a few enchanting dresses from them in the last year.

I stopped by H&M a few times recently to kill time, and to my shock actually found a few things that I liked there. Le Chateau is the place I usually shop as far as local chain clothing stores go, though they've been really expensive over the last few years. I think the test will be how many times I can wash the H&M stuff before it falls apart. It might prove to be not worth the hassle, we shall see! Expensive but durable vs cheap but not durable.

* Dollhaus's inventory is down to 480 items. The countdown continues. Part of me is tempted to replenish since I'll have more room for it at the new place. I'm not sure though, this business has eaten a considerable amount of my time over the last few years; time that I'd like back. Right now it mostly takes are of itself. When orders happen, I pack them up, mail them out and update the status. Maybe I'll see how I feel when the inventory is under 200 items :)

* Books! I'm reading them. Just finished Red Mars by Kim Stanley Robinson. I love it! I love that when I try to look up a concept mentioned in it, that there are real people out there trying to make it happen. Things like space elevators and moholes. I began the following book, Green Mars a few days ago.

* This year will be less trip laden then my previous years, and mostly comic book related. San Diego in the summer, probably my last one for a while. It's becoming to expensive and complicated to go every year. And I will have a mortgage to beat.

That is all for this update, hope you are all well in internet-land!
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Tonight I went to see the new Green Hornet movie tonight at a sneak preview. I had my misgivings about it when I'd heard that Seth Rogen had been cast as the lead, but ended up loving it!! It was so much fun, like Night at the Roxbury meets superheroes!! The guy who played Kato was great! I just remember him with the plain american accent in Harold and Kumar go to White Castle, but in this movie he has a chinese inflection to his english. The villain was fabulous!! I loved him so much. He reminded me of the fellow who works at New York Subway on Queen St West. And whenever I saw Edward James Olmos on screen, he was Admiral Adama, not the newspaper editor! Heh. The movie was in 3D, but honestly, I don't know why. I didn't really see any benefits to it at all except maybe when they showed the cartoon hornet in the closing credits.

Today I also picked up this lovely:

Her box is much smaller than the rest in this series. I can't wait to see how Jada reacts to her. She's enchanted with all of my DC Cover Girls statues, especially Harley Quinn and Black Canary. It took her a good 6 months or so, but she finally mastered how to do the Black Canary statue's pose with the laced fingers and stretched arms. She noticed right away that Harley Quinn has blood flecked all over the head of her giant mallet. She quickly noticed the size of Power Girl's breasts. She recognizes Wonder Woman, Zatanna, Power Girl, Catwoman Black Canary and Harley Quinn. I'm so proud of my little niece. Growing up to be a DC girl :)

Edit: It is not Harold. But I'm leaving it in my blog so the comments make sense ;) Hmm, that explains his good Chinese accent.

Planetary 4

Jan. 6th, 2011 11:36 am
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I was wandering the comic shops during Boxing Week with [livejournal.com profile] pers and we happened upon Hairy Tarantula and went inside to cause damage. Boxing Week is the best time to pick up all your trade paperbacks and old comics since everyone has such great sales! I got the new Planetary Vol 4 by Warren Ellis. When I saw it in the shelf I thought surely it was just a reprint of one of the first 3 volumes with a new cover or something, but no! It is brand new. About fucking time, Warren!

So I've had it now for over a week and something. I've reread 2 and 3 twice each (I can't find my number 1). I can no longer hold it off, I'm going to have to read this finally! I just don't want it to end.


Nov. 18th, 2010 11:43 am
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I've been a reading maniac this year! Here are some of the books that I've read since January. I will fill in my reviews later.

All of Ender's Game series:
Ender's Game · Speaker for the Dead · Xenocide · Children of the Mind · Ender in Exile
Ender's Shadow · Shadow of the Hegemon · Shadow Puppets · Shadow of the Giant

by Orson Scott Card

Ghost Country
by Patrick Lee

How to Make Peace in the Middle East in Six Months or Less: Without Leaving Your Apartment
by Gregory Levey

Yellow Dirt: An American Story of a Poisoned Land and a People Betrayed
by Judy Pasternak

Peddling Peril: How the Secret Nucreal Trade Arms America's Enemies
by David Albright

Currently reading:
The Last Lingua Franca: English Until the Return of Babel
Nicholas Ostler

Unknown Soldier , 4th trade paperback: Dry Season

Forever 21

Nov. 11th, 2010 09:53 am
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While in Vegas, (which I'll document later) I went to Forever 21. We have it in Canada too, but every time I've ever gone inside one, all I've seen is a hurricane of not so awesome clothes scattered all over the place. The one in the shopping mall in Vegas was huge and actually had nice stuff and oh my goodness, how cheap!! ($11.50 for a really nice black knit sweater = awesome!) I've been using the yellow plastic bag that my purchases were in to carry my lunch and reading materials or stuff to mail out over the last few days. It is a sturdy yellow plastic bag with FOREVER 21 in alphanumeric (as opposed to roman numerals in Canada) characters. When I got home last night and I tossed the bag by the stairs, I noticed at that the bottom of the bag is printed "John 3:16". How curious! Reminded me of being in San Francisco visiting my friends there and going to an In and Out and also noticing a biblical inscription on the bottom of the fries cup!

Soo I went and looked Forever 21 up on Wiki

and lo and behold:
Although most shoppers are unaware they are carrying around a Bible verse, Forever 21 has received attention in the media[15] for printing John 3:16 on the bottom on their trademark yellow bags. A Spokeswoman from Forever 21's LA headquarters said the Biblical quote is a "demonstration of the owners' faith." Some have compared the bags to the In-N-Out Burger chain who prints the quote "John 3:16" on the bottom of its cups.

Funny eh?
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Sat Sep 11
06:15pm – 08:10pm | My Joy - VARSITY 7
11:50pm – 11:55pm | Bunraku - RYERSON

Tue Sep 14
06:00pm – 08:06pm | 13 Asssassins - RYERSON

Wed Sep 15
09:30pm – 11:10pm | White Irish Drinkers - VARSITY 8
11:55pm – 11:56pm | Red Nights - RYERSON

Thu Sep 16
06:00pm – 08:00pm | Three - RYERSON
09:00pm – 11:15pm | Detective Dee and the Mystery of the Phantom Flame - Tiff Bell LightBox 1

Fri Sep 17
06:00pm – 08:08pm | Aftershock - VISA SCREENING ROOM (ELGIN)

Sat Sep 18
11:55pm – 02:00am | Fire of Conscience - RYERSON

Sun Sep 19
12:00pm – 02:00am | Cold Fish - SCOTIABANK THEATRE 2
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Recently I was showing a DC action figure catalogue to my niece and she pointed at Bane and said "I want to fight him!!". Bare in mind, this is a 2 year old girl who hasn't had much contact with too many other kids yet. I was baffled when I hear her. I turned the page, and she pointed at Superman and said "I want to fight him!!"

So we've been trying to figure out where she got this from. It's soo damn cute!! Today my sister talked to my dad who said Jada was watching Three Stooges on tv. Apparently she loves them. That would totally explain where that might have come from!!

Also, while she was waiting with me for my bus, a plane was flying by in the sky and she pointed and said "a plane! you go to San Diego?"

That's my girl :)
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This weekend has been movie weekend for me!!

Toronto After Dark Film Festival has begun. I attended the opening night gala on Friday night for The Last Lovecraft. It was a fun movie. I'd hoped for a little more depth to the use for the mythos, as there's soooOo much they could have pulled into it. I realized pretty early on that it was a simple comedy that gently celebrated the Chthulhu mythos. The best beast creature was definitely the suction face creature. I wish we'd gotten to see more of those. Highlight for me was when they were in a comic shop that I immediately recognized as House of Secrets Comics in Burbank, CA. I've never been there but I've bought a number of prints that Ragnar made especially for them!

Following this, I ran off to Scotiabank theatre to catch a screening of Scott Pilgrim VS The World with a whole troop of buddies! It was amazing! They got it bang on. Every single actor was perfect for their character. I had been apprehensive about Michael Cera as the lead but he was perfect! Ramona Flowers was perfect as well. I lusted after every single piece of clothing she wore in the movie. I think the only character that I was not satisfied with was the actress they got to play Envy Adams. She didn't feel quite right and her hair was not big enough at all (I know that sounds shallow but Envy's hair is important!) The movie and the comic have lightly different endings. I think I preferred the movie ending!

Then Saturday, I saw my 2nd TAD movie called Doghouse. A group of British guys who are most of them in some shorta shit with their wives/boyfriends/whatever go off on a weekend trip to the small town of Moodley to get away, and help one of the guys get over his recent divorce. Things go kinda wrong when they get to the town and slowly discover all the men dead and all the women turned to flesh-eating zombies. The actor who plays Mickey in Doctor Who played one of the bloks. The movie was pretty funny though I had a lot of trouble understanding what they were saying due to the sound being not terribly crisp. Some of the zombie designs were over the top! Slutty brides, crazy scissor wielding hairdressers (totally looked like Ramona Rickettes from Cry Baby). The divorcee guys totally looks like one of my cousins' husband and it freaked me out coz I kept thinking that the whole movie!

Tonight, I'm off to see Cargo, which I've been told is amazing. Looking forward to it!


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