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Oh boy, what a busy week last one was! I had something going on every night and so much stuff squeezed into breaks from work! Allison's visit was awesome! Got to see her on Monday evening as well as for lunch the next day! Did a free outdoor yoga thing with Mabel on Tuesday after work. I had not done yoga since that groupon with my sisters probably 5 or 6 yrs ago with Daniel Lacerda Mr Yoga. It was fun! Wednesday and Friday were family and friend celebrations for Diana's 40th birthday. My little sister is 40! Ohmigod, we are getting old! I had desparately wanted to pay for her flight to NYC so she would have extra money to spend but Sandra advised me that she would probably not be happy about that. *sigh* I dont' think they are going to end up coming with me. We're supposed to be watching flights but i don't think they will get less than $250 again. Thursday night was Jen Chin's gallery show, which was really awesome!! Interesting things to reflect on.
All the work that I put into my auctions the previous week panned out! Everything from my personal items sold except the Batgirl pinup statue, Evil Queen Disney villain doll and Zita Parfait doll. I've relisted them as well as a bunch of Jem fashions from the Hasbro years. The Dollhaus items I listed did pretty good as well. I've got about 6 things left to sell and it is done! Ebaying is a lot of work but it feels good to purge things. Who am I and what did I do with Nancy, right?
This weekend was so grand! Went up to the cottage with David. The weather is perfect! Lots of leisure time sitting on the beach by the water. I had my face from the sun as best I could! Less mosquitos around too although they were still there.
Yesterday I met the new owner of the house next door. It was kind of funny. I was sitting in the kitchen in a tshirt and underwear since it was really hot. He came up the stairs and I could see him through the open window. Then I said "Hey, can you turn around for a minute? I'm in my underwear!" So he did and I scooted to my bedroom to put on some pants! His name is Kevin and he bought the house with the intention of updating it and flipping it. He took me for a tour of all the gutting that they've done so far. He opened up the main part of the house and is going to make it open concept. Gutting all the bathrooms and kitchen. He's going to dig out more of their basement as well. Made me kind of jealous!
This morning I made my first ever zucchini frittata! Using zucchinis from my own garden! Woo, look at me go! I am looking forward to there being less crazy stuff going on this week. Much needed slow down.
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