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Oh my gosh, I feel like i have so much to say today. I'll dump this all out before I get started with my work day.
I have so much to do, I can't keep up again. I started printing out calendars again to track my schedule. I had a double espresso this morning before I left this house and I think I am buzzing a bit right now. That espresso tastes terrible, I can't wait til I've run out of it and buy better stuff. I found it cheap at No Frills a while back, you really do get what you paid for.

House Stuff
So much clutter still. Months ago, I was going through things, pulling out what I really didn't need.. from books, comics, clothes, candles, etc. I've had it all in piles waiting to do something with it, but never get around to it. This weekend I made a valiant attempt to get started with some of it. I put up some Ebay auctions with some of the 17 items I have left in my Dollhaus inventory. I really hope it goes. I also put up some Gene dolls and a DC pinup statue. I have a pile of old Jem dolls/fashions but they need a lot more work to put up due to needing good pictures and careful descriptions of condition. I'm hoping that I get decent money for these that I can put towards house renovations, or framing artwork.

This year's garden has been a fail. Not that it has been barren but more like I haven't really been able to give it the attention it deserves. I thought that getting the stairs to the basement would get me back there more. But it only has a little bit more. The basement state is gross, I need to wash the floors down there and make it more usable. This year my dad planted several rows of tomatos. I put in some spices and kale and salad and a mystery plant (ends up it had 2 tags in it). Everything has been growing like crazy but it's been pretty much my dad coming over to tend it once a week. I feel like an asshole! At least he's been bringing the tomatoes home and bottling them so they can use them.. although he said I can ask for some jars any time I want. The raccoons have been eating lots of grapes and leaving their shells on the ground as in previous years. The squirrels have been having a feast with the tomoatoes! This morning they did a reverse Snow White when I walked into the garden; about 5 of them scattered into the surrounding yards when they saw me. heh. I will have to figure out a better strategy next year.

I have not made much headway there. I need to buy a new dryer. Probably a new washer too. I think the existing one is prone to eating my clothes. So many have been coming out with strings pulled out, or holes that I don't remember being there. I would really like an actual sink as well for handwashing. I forsee doing some actual work on the place in November when everything slows down. I hope!!

Me too

Date: 2016-08-28 02:06 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] jcoville.livejournal.com
Well, not with the gardening and basement thing.

But my office and bedroom need to be decluttered. After I came back from San Diego stuff got dumped there and even though I do put stuff away, eventually I need to bring some things back out again. But I need to do another major clean up on both rooms. Part of the problem is needing room, or at least a more efficient way of organizing things.


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