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This year has been kind of brutal for my family as far as health goes. Probably part of the reason I spent much of the year depressed.

My father goes in for checkups quite regularly since he is in his late 60s now. Earlier this year, a tumour was discovered on his bladder, and he was also diagnosed with prostate cancer. Thankfully they detected all this early. He had a quick surgery to remove the tumour from his bladder. After surgery, he was uncomfortable for a week or two but he was in good shape after that. For the prostate cancer, his doctor recommended that they remove his prostate as radiation treatment might be less effective for complete removal. He had a fantastic surgeon who pretty much focuses on this procedure in his career. It's taken him a bit longer to get over that. We were all so afraid and worried for him. So far, it has stayed gone.

My brother-in-law's step-dad D was also diagnosed with leukemia about the same time. Thankfully his own brother was a perfect match as a bone marrow donor. They did the surgery and D has made it through the really bad part with no immune system and is now stuck in his home for a year or two in recovery.

The same brother-in-law's real dad A also had surgery on both his knees about a month ago and he bounced back really quickly.

So everything seemed mostly okay; everyone back in reasonably good health. Then I talked to my sister the other day and found out that my brother-in-law's real dad was acting really weird on Sunday. First, a mysterious incident with him getting 2 flat tires on his car, and the mechanic telling my sister that it had to have been something serious because the axle had some damage; and A said nothing had happened. Then at dinner he's forgetting things they said to him 10 minutes ago. It just gets worse. Next day he's having motor skill problems. His hands are shaking and the food falling off his fork as he tries to eat. He almost falls down the stairs. They took him to the hospital and they discovered that he has a tumour in his head. It's probably been there undetected a long time and now it's starting to grow or something. They took him home and he seems to have gotten worse. Forgetting to drop his drawers when going to the bathroom, things like that. So on Thursday they brought him to the hospital again and checked him in. They're trying to get him to take an MRI so that they can go onto a biopsy. He flipped out and would not cooperate. We went back there last night and they had to strap him to his bed and sedate him :( They're going to be doing some biopsy related surgery today. I hope to god it goes okay. I'm just in utter shock. A is a charming man, an amazing cook and artist, knows so many things and he's reduced to a diaper-wearing, fractured man in a span of 5 days. We're not even sure how to go about taking care of his day-to-day situation. No idea who he banks with, nor what bills need to be paid besides rent on his apartment. We don't think he has a will so my bro-in-law doesn't have power of attorney. No clue about what to do if we have to put him in a home to watch him if he manages to survive this and doesn't get his mental faculties back. Time to start researching all this, I guess.

It is so not a cliche that you should live every day as if it is your last and love everyone you love as if you will never see them again tomorrow coz it could really be true.

Date: 2012-09-15 02:13 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] jcoville.livejournal.com
Wow, that does suck. You have my condolences Nancy.

I've been relatively lucky with my parents (now in their 70s) but they do have some health problems and they are slowly getting worse. They rarely rarely leave the house except for stuff they *have* to do, unless something comes up they want to do and feel up to it. But generally they don't get out unless they have a doctor appt somewhere.

Cancer hit somebody I knew recently. At work a woman who I started with (we were in the same training class) recently died of cancer. It was pretty sudden. She knew something was wrong with her and went to the doctor, at first they said it was bone cancer and they did more tests. They found the cancer was everywhere inside her, in several organs and even in her brain. She died a month later. She was only 58. It was a pretty big shock to us all as she was spirited lady. She was also a really good worker and funny too. She made coming to work fun.

Date: 2012-09-16 11:56 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] ghoul.livejournal.com
I can totally relate on the freakoutedness of family suffering medical issues..

Dad's 76 and has been healthy all his life.. about 10 years ago, he was diagnosed with Parkinson's.. since then, i've watched my usually strong and capable father deteriorate into a slow, constantly shaking older man. He walks with a cane, shuffles around a lot, loses his balance and falls and my heart skips a beat everytime that i see him use the stairs in the family home.. there's no cure for Parkinson's yet, only preventative medicines/therapies, so with each passing year, the number of pills increases.. he's getting softer in his speaking voice, and so now has trouble speaking to the bank/anyone on the telephone..

Mom's 74 and is in early onset Alzheimer's.. her older middle sister has it while the eldest does not.. Mom's continually forgetting things and we lose things around the house all the time.. worse, she always enjoys her glass of brandy in the evenings, but of late, has been forgetting that she'd already had it and so she has another.. she was drunk once or twice, and we've had to confiscate/get rid of all alcohol in the house.. how do you tell your mom that she can't do something, or that no, she's not right but she's forgotten? And she just gets angry when you tell her that no, it isn't 1952 but 2012.. or that it's September, not July and that no, we haven't forgotten to put up the Christmas tree.. it's still summer! No cure for Alzheimer's either so, it's terrible..

Hoping the above skips a generation and that my brother and i are free of any such things.. i can't decide which is worse.. mind's sharp but your body betrays you or losing your sense of self/identity, and all your memories (short term thus far)..

Will(s) have been made, and hearing my dad ask me to check the bookstore on How to Write a Will really scared me! He keeps saying that he'd be lucky if he has 5-10 years left to live.. zomg, i don't need to hear that!!

Sorta glad that i moved back home to be closer to them both and to help them in anything and everything that they need.. stuff like this is totally vital, and totally personal.. and nothing matters more than family.


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