Jul. 3rd, 2012

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I had this dream this morning that I had a wound on my belly, just below my bellybutton. It just kept getting bigger and deeper. It didn't hurt, it was just distressing to look down and see this gaping hole full of blood and pus. When I woke up, I actually moved the sheets down and lifted my shirt to confirm that it wasn't actually there. I wonder if it means anything.

My dad told me this fantastic story the other day about 2 of my uncles. My grandmother used to always warn my dad to watch out for zio Giacinto steal stuff from his garden if left unattended. The reason for the warning is this:
Zio Mario had a beautiful garden full of tomato plants, among other things. There was one very lovely luscious red tomato on the vine that he was saving there. It was perfect for later making seeds from for next year. After Giacinto left, Mario noticed that this tomato was missing! He called Giacinto and accused him of stealing the tomato! Giacinto admitted, that yes, he had taken it, there was nothing wrong with that! Mario told him he was saving it for seeds and demanded that he give it back. Giacinto said sure, come and get it, but bring me another one to replace it. Mario was absolutely livid and stayed angry with him about this stolen tomato for a very long time. There really is no punchline to this story but imagining the one flipping out on the other is quite funny in my head!


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