Jun. 18th, 2012

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I'm on the bus heading to work and I forgot my book on the coffee table on the way out. I hate when that happens. I'm reading Game of Thrones, presently on loan from a friend. I was also reading "London: A biography" which is neat, but I've been having trouble focussing when reading non-fiction lately.

Garden seems to be doing well. I had some fresh cherries yesterday! Only the 2 that I managed to reach on my tippy toes. They were delicious though! Squirrels and birds will probably have the rest before I manage to get a ladder!
I spent 2 hours trying to dismantle an old armchair that the previous owners left in the garage. I imagine I could just have dragged it to the curb on garbage day, but I was curious about how it is built and this felt like the perfect opportunity to have a look! Didn't end up being as exciting as I had hoped but now I have a garbage bag full of cloth and sponge and a bit stack of wood to leave on the curb! :p

I got my hair done for the first time in nearing a year! Got my reds and fuschias back! Just in time for summer!

Work is going to be hectic this week. We're sending our new math course into QA on Wednesday. I'm stressing out before I still am trying to design and code an assignment question type for tables where the student fills in the values. I need to make it flexible enough that a teacher can choose any configuration of columns and rows and prefill some of the cells. It's hurting my brains.

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